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Martial Arts Videos


Functional Karate
by Takayuki Kubota

Author Takayuki Kubota is a veteran of police departments on both sides of the Pacific, a former diplomatic bodyguard, instructor to the FBI and DEA as well as other less public government departments. He is credited with the development of the side-handled police baton and the Kubotan® keychain as well as a host of restraint, handcuffing, and fingerprinting techniques that are approved for use by police forces across the U.S.

His aptly named, professionally produced new program is packed with the practical techniques that have made him a legend in law-enforcement and karate circles. It is fast moving, easy to follow, visually appealing and shows very graphically the extent of his mastery of timing, fighting distance, and joint manipulation. Kubota sensei demonstrates the brutally effective control, restraint, and defensive techniques that are his forté, and he does so in great detail. With a partner he first breaks down the technique into a logical sequence. Then he performs it smoothly as a single movement, and then at full speed as his extensive experience dictates it would happen “on the street.

The techniques he shows are practical responses to armed and unarmed attacks and include counters, blocks, throws, locks, choke-holds, take-downs and combinations of the above. They are by necessity brutal: there are no second chances in Kubota's world; multi-faceted: keep attacking any way you can until you win, and conservative: don’t give your opponent a chance to respond.

Two words come to mind when one speaks of this teacher: pain compliance and attitude adjustment. Both concepts are demonstrated here by this consummate master of mayhem.

Available in DVD format.
Running time approx. 50 minutes. $39.95

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Feeding Crane - Gung Fu
by Liu Chang I

Feeding Crane boxing is distinguished by its open hand techniques that are delivered at short range with stunning internal power. This presentation includes the history of the style, as well as the core forms and their many applications. Liu Chang I is a third generation exponent of the style, and a most accomplished and powerful performer.

Available in the following formats: DVD
Running time approx. 55 minutes. $39.95

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Classical Masters of Karate
by Tsunami Instructors

Novice and expert alike will be captivated by the powerful technical demonstrations interwoven with a fascinating explanation of the history of karate and the development of its major styles. Painstakingly documented with classical film footage and rare photographic images from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, this is undeniably the most complete and accurate work of its type ever presented.

The traditional Japanese and Okinawan background music is irresistible. The skillful use of computer generated animation, digital multi-track stereo, and advanced photo enhancement, stunning. This is a product that appeals to viewers of all levels of experience - a program that triumphs without compromise.

Produced by the widely acclaimed Tsunami Production Team in conjunction with an elite group of the world's most senior masters, this video presentation of traditional karate is without equal.

Includes demontrations by Shinyu Gushi, 9th Dan Uechi Ryu; Morio Higaonna, 9th Dan Hanshi Goju Ryu; Hideharu Igaki, 6th Dan Shito Ryu; Takehiro Konishi 10th Dan Shindio Jinen Ryu; Liu Chang I, Feeding Crane Gung Fu; Yukiyoshi Marutani 7th Dan Gen Sei Ryu; Toshishiro Oshiro, 7th Dan, Matsubayashi Ryu; Eihachi Ota, 7th Dan Matsubayashi Ryu; Kiyoshi Yamazaki,7th Dan Shindo Jinen Ryu; Shuichi Aragaki,9th Dan Goju Ryu; Shinpo Matayoshi, 10th Dan Matayoshi Ryu; Shoshin Nagamine, 10th Dan Matsubayashi Ryu.

Available in the following formats: DVD
Running time approx.
56 minutes. $39.95
Formerly published as What is Karate vols. 1 & 2

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