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It was Higaonna Sensei who told me that the Goju Ryu kata, Suparinpei, refers to the number 108. This set me thinking seriously about the number 108 as it occurs in so many branches of oriental philosophy and religion.

For example, Yogi believe that perfect breath control (Pranayama) involves taking just 108 breaths in the 24 hour cycle, and that this is a precursor to enlightenment.

In the Chinese fictional classic, The Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh, there are 108 bandits who feature in the story. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is never without his mala of 108 beads that he wears on his left wrist.In Japan, as the New Year breaks, the bells of Buddhist temple are tolled 108 times, and buddhists believe there are 108 virtues we should cultivate, and 108 sins or mortal desires that we must avoid.

As a result, believers use strings of beads (mala) to count the mantras (sacred utterances) as they are recited. When a mala is used in this way it is referred to as ojuzu (数珠), or counting beads. Mala can also be used to request the assistance of divine power, in which case the request is repeated with every bead counted, and the mala is then referred to as onenju, (念珠) or thought beads.

Mala can be made of many materials ranging from the increasingly rare wenge wood, to jade. However, most traditional mala are made from simple wooden beads separated into sections by colored markers with an embellishment such as a vajra (thunderbolt, the Buddhist symbol of irresistible power) at the knot or tassel.

To the best of my knowledge, one is no more effective than the other! Whether you want a mala for its power to sooth, to request help with your training, to wear as jewelry, or just to own a beautiful talisman, both genders and all age groups will appreciate this selection that we have hand picked from the artist’s studio.


Large Green Jade Mala

A very impressive green jade mala 42” long with large 10mm beads and termination in the forms of a “T” bead and intricate Chinese golden knot.

This would be ideal for a special presentation or achievement award.

It’s certainly something that you would never forget receiving and being made of a semi precious stone, it should last forever!


Price $44.95

*Sold Out


Wrap Style Buddhist Meditation Beads

Traditional style, unisex stretch wrap for meditation.

108 semi-precious dark brown 6mm beads with separators in amber and crimson terminated with a “T-bead” and fancy knot.

Length 22”.


Price $19.95

*Sold Out


Classical Wenge Wood Meditation
Bead Set

A very beautiful and traditional high quality elasticated mala of 8mm wooden beads with 18 dyed black before the termination of a buddha head and a navy blue tassel.

Basic total length 34”.


Price $13.95

*Sold Out

Traditional Wood Bead Mala

The most affordable and in some ways the most traditional mala in our range.

108 dark red wooden beads with beige and red separator beads, and a T bead with vajra to finish.

Elasticated with a basic (unstretched) length approx. 30”.

Can be worn as a necklace or wrist wrap.


Price $5.95




Tiger Eye Mala Bracelet

According to Yogi, tiger eye semi-precious stone resonates with the solar plexus chakra.

This elastic bracelet of 6mm dark goldenrod colored tiger-eye beads has a total length of 6.5” and suits children and/or slim ladies.


Price $7.95

*Sold Out

Ebony Guru Mala

Very traditional wrap style stretch Buddhist guru bracelet or necklace of one hundred and eight ebony beads with T bead termination and fancy knot.


Price $16.95

*Sold Out

Wenge Wood Mala

Wrap style Buddhist mala made from beautiful tan colored 6mm wenge wood beads separated by turquoise and amber colored separators.

The mala is finished with a T bead and metal Buddhist vajra thun-berbolt.

Length approx. 26“.


Price $11.95

*Sold Out

Hotai The Laughing Buddha

Believed to have lived around the 10th century, (Liang Dynasty), Hotai spread joy wherever he wandered as an itinerant Buddhist monk, and for the people of the Orient, he still represents happiness, abundance and prosperity.

This beautiful green jade figurine is one of a limited collection we commissioned from a Chinese studio in the 1970s, each of which was individually hand carved from green jade.

Standing 4” high on a custom hand carved hardwood base, this is a very affordable example of a classical Chinese art form.

You can own one of these beautiful jade figurines at a price so reasonable that even if Hotai does not work his magic in your house, it will still benefit from his presence.

Price $99




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