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Masatoshi Nakayama

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Japan Karate Association
Official Shotokan Kata Video Series
in English

Presented by Masatoshi Nakayama of the JKA
with instructors Osaka, Imura, Yahara, and Tanaka.

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The official JKA Shotokan Kata Technical video series by Chief Instructor Masatoshi Nakayama, is the infallible guide to JKA Shotokan kata. It features senior JKA instructors; Imura, Isaka, Osaka, Tanaka,and Yahara filmed in studio and on location performing the Shotokan kata at the level of expertise that created the Japan Karate Association’s international reputation for technical excellence.

Made under the direct supervision of Nakayama sensei in Tokyo, this expensively produced video series was designed to be the definitive work that would be supported by the JKA’s “Best Karate.” This popular book series was for many years the technical bible of Shotokan instructors and students around the world, and the combination of the two, Nakayama sensei believed, would create a resource of incalculable value for this and future generations.

Dragon Associates Inc are the exclusive distributor for the Americas of the English language version which, to maintain the highest quality, is duplicated under our supervision in the U.S. from original masters. Presented by Masatoshi Nakayama and narrated entirely in English, it will be the one source you refer to constantly.

“Not simply a way of learning Shotokan karate, but the ultimate reference against which one's progress should be measured. A professionally produced series of video tapes that will serve as an infallible guide to the manner in the techniques should be performed.”

—David Hooper, Ph.D. JKA, Tokyo, Japan

Tape Content Performer Price
Volume 1 Heian 1,2,3. Osaka $39.95
Volume 2 Heian 4, 5, & Tekki 1 Osaka $39.95
Volume 3 Tekki 2, 3. Imura $39.95
Volume 4 Bassai Dai Osaka $39.95
Volume 5 Kanku Dai Osaka $39.95
Volume 6 Jitte Imura $39.95
Volume 7 Hangetsu Osaka $39.95
Volume 8 Enpi Yahara $39.95
Volume 9 Jion Tanaka $39.95
Volume 10 Sochin Osaka $34.95
Volume 11 Unsu Yahara $34.95

Volume #1-9 running time 30 minutes $39.95
#10 & 11, 20 minutes, $34.95
English soundtrack, NTSC American video format
Buy the complete set for a total of $379.45 and
SAVE $50
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The Kawasoe Way - Textbook JKA Shotokan

Masao Kawasoe is a Japanese karate pioneer of the first order who has done much to develop British, and therefore European karate. Noted for the high quality of his technique and strict orthodoxy, he is considered to be one of the most stylish Shotokan instructors active in the world today, and is much respected by his students and his peers. This video series is a reflection of the man himself—very high quality, serious, low-key but dynamic—everything that this instructor has come to represent to the world of Shotokan karate.

This is an instructional series and the production therefore is directed toward learning techniques and training methods. Professionally produced, the image and content quality is excellent and Kawasoe Sensei’s performance more than impressive. There is a polished quality to everything he does, not simply a mechanical reproduction of technique, but a virtuoso performance that results from constant and intense training over an extended period.

This is a useful and very valuable series of instructional aids that is notable for the quality of both its content and production. Duplicated under license in the U.S. from original master video tapes, it sets a technical standard that will be difficult to surpass. If you want to see and learn from a superb Shotokan technician at his best, The Kawasoe Way is a video series that you must not miss!

Vol. 1 In the first tape of the series Sensei Kawasoe demonstrates the basic stances and movements for the beginner, along with a comprehensive demonstration of warm-up exercises and detailed instruction of the first two kata in the syllabus, Kihon Kata and Heian Shodan.
Running time:
45 minutes $30.00 UPC 660468102038

Vol. 2 In the second tape the author demonstrates further advanced striking and kicking techniques and introduces basic one step attack sparring. He also completes the Heian series of kata with detailed instruction in Nidan, Yondan, and Godan.
Running time: 30 minutes – $30.00 UPC 660468102137

Vol. 3 In the third of the series the author introduces semi-free fighting and demonstrates training using kicking bags. Also included is detailed instruction in Tekki Shodan and Bassai Dai.
Running time: 30 minutes – $30.00 UPC 660468102236

Vol. 4 In the last video of the series the author demonstrates advanced stretching techniques and completes his in-depth look at the brown belt kata—Jion, Kanku Dai, Empi, and Hangetsu.
Running time: 30 minutes – $30.00 UPC 660468102335

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Kakemono Dojo Scrolls
Printed on fine paper size 11" x 17" these beautiful and meaningful scrolls and ideal for framing and pefect for both den and dojo. Each costs just $7.95 plus postage and each is shipped to reach you uncreased and ready for framing.

1. The Dojo Kun - Five Precepts, calligraphy by M. Nakayama
2. Hatsuun Jindo- "Parting the Clouds" by Master Funakoshi
3. Master Funakoshi's Twenty Precepts by Shinkin Gima
4. The Ultimate Aim of Karate by Master Funakoshi

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