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Dragon Times
Issue No. 23

From the Library Journal, New York, Spring, 2000.

Dragon Times is a journal for the serious martial arts enthusiast [its] newspaper format eschews gloss and trends to focus on the history and philosophy of martial arts. It is filled with in-depth, accurate articles about the many aspects of the martial arts. Dragon Times relies on prominent instructors in the field to provide articles and information backed by expertise and knowledge. The publication will benefit most those who have a base knowledge of the martial arts. Recommended for any library where a serious interest exists."
Michael Colford, MA.

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Dragon Times
Volume 16

From the Editor's Pen...
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Important Notice!
From March 2003, at the request of our distributor, Dragon Times will evolve into a regular magazine format publication called Classical Fighting Arts which will allow it to be more widely distributed. The publisher, writers, and design team will be the same. All paid subscriptions to Dragon Times will be honored in full, and existing subscribers need do nothing, they will simply receive Classical Fighting Arts instead of Dragon Times from March this year. Dragon Times currently has the second largest readership in the U.S. and we hope that the change to a more upmarket format will help us grow even more. We feel we have the very best writers in the business and welcome the opportunity to give their work greater exposure.

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-The production team at Dragon Times/Classical Fighting Arts magazine.

xThe current issue #23 includes the following articles:
Martial Arts and The Power of "Ch'i" Part 3
by Harry Cook.

The Truth about Taekwondo (Part 3)
by Robert Dohrenwend Ph.D.

First Day Covers
by Charles Goodin.

George Silver and His "Paradoxes of Defence"
by Harry Cook.

The Kempo of Kume Village
by Joe Swift.

Chinese Martial Arts Manuals
by Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo.

JKA Shotokan Karate - Thoughts from Japan
by Dr. David Hooper Ph.D.

Nakazone Genwa, His Life & Work
by Mario McKenna.

40 tabloid (11"x 17") pages crammed with the best martial arts reading material in the world for just $3.95

America's fastest growing martial arts publication because of the quality of its writers and its content. It does not have glossy covers, lurid headlines, nor does it make make sensational claims. If you are really " in to" martial arts, our publication is your natural choice.
Serious but friendly
Printed on newsprint by really nice people at a small press in Santa Barbara, California. This saves money and allows us to publish much more in each edition than the glossies, at least six strong articles as well as a unique mix of interviews, reviews, and reports. It also allows our art director to work with a really big 11" x 17 page size for maximum design creativity. Read our articles, examine our photos, you will be agreeably surprised.
Writing of Exceptional Quality
Written by some of the best writers on martial arts in the world including:
.Robert Dohrenwend, Ph.D (U.S.)
. Harry Cook BA, (U.K.)
. Graham Noble, B.Sc. (U.K.)
.David Hooper, Ph.D (Japan)
. Guy H. Power, MA (U.S.)
. Charles Goodin, MA (U.S.)
.Mario McKenna, MS (Canada)
. Charles Swift, B.Sc (Japan)
. Brian Kennedy, (Taiwan ROC)
.Elizabeth Guo, (Taiwan ROC)
. Akihiro Omi, BA (U.S.)
... and others.
Traditional but Progressive
Dragon Times is principally dedicated to the martial arts of Japan, China, and the Okinawan Archipelago, we are open- minded to the extent that we often publish articles on related subjects from outside our area of specialization. From time to time therefore you will find
within our covers material on Boxe Francaise-Savate, Thai Boxing, English Prize Fighting, European Fencing, and other legitimate martial arts.
Technically Advanced
Backed by a technical advisory group of great ability including; Morio Higaonna 9th Dan; Shinyu Gushi 9th Dan; Kiyoshi Yamazaki 7th Dan; Yukiyoshi Marutani 7th Dan; Toshio Kuramoto 6th Dan; Hideharu Igaki 6th; and many others.

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