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Thank you for visiting our website today. While you are here, why not sneak a peak at our new website, which is in the final stages of construction, and due to go LIVE in 3-4 weeks.

As you will see, it is not simply a catalogue of our products but also a major source of genuine martial art information, historical, technical and practical.
For example, what is the true origin of colored rank belts, what is the connection between Buddhist prayer beads and Goju Ryu kata, what are the best seminars to attend-the best books to read.

Visit us often, enjoy the images, pick up valuable information and if you need anything, we have been around since 1968 and we sell the best and most authentic karate equipment.

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Congratulations to the 20 instructors and students who graduated from our Spring Course in Okinawa with certificates of completion. Full details of our Japan/Okinawa Seminars can be found here:

• The Higaonna Dojo (Naha, Okinawa) has launched its own website.

New Products!

SENPAI Cotton Black Belt

Our recently introduced, 1.75 inch SENPAI cotton black belt is made to the the same excellent quality as our standard black belt, but is frequently the choice of instructors who like a wider belt that offers a more stable and attractive background for custom embroidery.

1.75 inch SENPAI Cotton Black Belts.
size 3 - 7 $9.95 each.
size 8 - 9 $10.95 each.

Order SENPAI Black Belts sizes 3-9 online here.

Or call our office:
(818) 889 3856
(818) 889 3170
8 AM - 8 PM Mon - Sat PST.


Okinawa Karate - The Exquisite Art

“Okinawa Karate: The Exquisite Art” exhibits all the hallmarks of a book produced in a more erudite age. The design is excellent and influenced by Renaissance conventions as can be seen from the use of the “Divine Proportion” in the choice of page size and layout. The quality of both the English and Japanese text is first class, the typography appropriate, and the quality of the historical photos, superb.

A little research yielded the facts that not only were the photos professionally restored using the latest software but many of them were scanned from originals on loan from the families of famous karate pioneers featured in the book, such as Choki Motobu. The result is a level of quality and richness of detail that is never seen in the multi-generational copies we are all accustomed to.

This volume also offers a preface, a prologue by the noted Sinologist, Stanley Henning, a chronology, and a full set of endnotes in English and Japanese. If you are a connoisseur of beautiful books, a few of the following details will delight you. The hardcover has top and tail bands and is blocked with Japanese gold calligraphy. The endpapers are printed with copies of late 19th century scenes of life in Okinawa, and the dust jacket is wrap-around coated for durability. Finally, for the true collector, the book is supplied in a library cover and, I couldn’t believe it at first myself, there is a bookmarker ribbon bound into the spine.

This is an extremely valuable book that resulted from the cooperation of a consortium of karate historians, researchers, linguists and instructors on four continents. It contains information that is very important to all karateka, because it will broaden and deepen your appreciation of karate. In an age of mediocrity it is a thing of beauty that is, at the same time, useful and inspirational.

Don’t hesitate!

Hardbound with gold blocked cover, dust jacket and library case. Printed endpapers, 228 pages in international A4 size (8.27” x 11.69”), dual language volume ( English and Japanese). $89.00 plus shipping.

Sold Out


Meditation Beads (mala)

Mala can be made of many materials ranging from the increasingly rare wenge wood, to jade. However, most traditional mala are made from simple wooden beads separated into sections by colored markers with an embellishment such as a vajra (thunderbolt, the Buddhist symbol of irresistible power) at the knot or tassel.

Seven styles to choose from


xWe now offer a low cost, high quality, precision STYLE and NAME embroidery service for Polo Shirts purchased from us. Each job is individually hand crafted, the embroidery is oversewn so it will not come undone, and "layered" for a thick and luxurious appearance.

Because of limited space on shirts, the size of the embroidered designs are 25 to 50% smaller than on karate uniforms. Therefore the price of embroidery on polo shirts is 50% less than karate uniforms.


Cotton tenugui (手拭い), literally “hand wipes,” were introduced during the Edo Period (1603-1868), and became one of the “Seven Essential” items for Japanese travelers, and martial artists.

Ours are limited edition exclusive designs made in Japan by dyeing (not printing) 100% cotton gauze (momen) by hand. To suit international karate exponents, they are 7” longer (14” x 39”) than the standard Japansese size.

The first in the series bears the characters, Hyaku Ren Jitoku, literally “hundred practice self benefit,” a favorite saying of the late swordmaster, Taizaburo Nakamura, or if you prefer, “practice makes perfect”. Supplied in a plastic bag printed with a “noshi” greetings.

$11.95 each.


To order by phone call our office:
(818) 889 3856
(818) 889 3170
8 AM - 8 PM Mon - Sat PST.


Shotokan Karate A Precise History

SHOTOKAN KARATsdE A PRECISE HISTORY Second expanded edition.
The second edition of Shotokan Karate-A Precise History is now available.
Supplies of this beautiful book are limited, and it is only available from the U.S. distributor, Dragon Associates Inc.

504 pages (180 pages more than the first edition) & 100+ new photos and illustrations.
Large format A4 size (12" x 8.5")
Hardbound collector's edition with gold blocked covers.
Printed on the finest 100 gsm coated art paper “Pavarotti Silk.”Overall weight 4.25 lbs.
Introduction by Morio Higaonna, 10th Dan Hanshi.
Printed end papers with matching top and tail bands.
Full colour, laminated dust jacket.
Extensive appendices and a full index.

$125 + Shipping.

This volume is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Dragon Associates Inc. It is NOT available from bookstores, book dealers, or internet suppliers.

Order your copy here:

Shotokan Karate - A Precise History

Read the reviews of the first edition and remember the second edition is larger, better illustrated, and much, much more comprehensive!
Journal of Asian Martial Arts
- Dragon Times

Encylopaedia 5Encyclopaedia of Goju Ryu
The Ten Volume Series

by Morio Higaonna, 10th Dan Hanshi

The author of this multi-part series of programs is the student of An’ichi Miyagi, a protegé of the Founder of Goju Ryu, Chojun Miyagi. The DVD series is a highly detailed explanation of the the applications of the kata (bunkai) as well as other technical issues relating throwing, locking and grappling methods, and their effectiveness.This professionally produced series is full of material that is not available elsewhere, and that is normally taught in the dojo only the those of high rank.
All 10 parts of the Encyclopedia of Goju by Morio Higaonna are now available. Please click here for full details.

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From Vol. 2 No.27 (Issue #50) the volume number of CFA magazine was changed to reflect the fact that we had a new distributor. However the Issue number runs consecutively, so the current issue, is Vol. 3 No.8 (Issue #58). To avoid confusion, in future we will identify specific magazines by its issue number.


Machi Dojo:The Past and Future of Real Karate

Kuramoto Sensei at the
CFA Seminars

Olympic Karate: JKA Thoughts from Japan

Tsutomu Nakahoho, CFA Interview

Tsuneo Kinjo Sensei: Talking About Karate

Gichin Funakoshi’s Exquisite Art Part II

Shotokan’s Gankaku Kata by Keinosuke Enoeda

The Soft Touch Method of Katsuhiko Shinzato Sensei


PRO Karate Uniforms

"Type 10"
cotton canvas.
Superb construction
& sewing with
vamped double sewn
seams throughout.

jacket design with
underarm gussets,
ventilation holes, and
shoulders lined with
soft gauze.

Hand finished collar
with multi-needle
Pants and
jacket cuffs
reinforced with tape

Half & full sizes
from 3 - 7 plus sizes
8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Don't forget
FREE Japanese
name or style

Regular price of Meijin Uniforms $139.00
SAVE $100 from
retail. Buy five for
only $119 each
and you
still get FREE
Japanese name or
style embroidery worth up to $15.

We have recently
updated our
and embroidery sections. Both are
worth a visit!!!.

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