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Instructors featured in Tsunami Videos

Fumio Demura
8th Dan Shito Ryu

Shinyu Gushi
9th Dan Uechi Ryu

Morio Higaonna
9th Dan Hanshi
Goju Ryu

Makoto Hirohara
Shintaiikudo Shihan

Hideharu Igaki
6th Dan Shito Ryu

Takeji Inaba
8th Dan Motobu Ryu

Takehiro Konishi
10th Dan Shindo Jinen Ryu

Takayuki Kubota
Gosoku Ryu Soke

Liu Chang I
Feeding Crane

Yasuhiro Makishi
9th Dan Shorin Ryu

Yukiyoshi Marutani
7th Dan Gen Sei Ryu

Shinpo Matayoshi
10th Dan Hanshi
Matayoshi Ryu

Chosei Motobu
9th Dan Motobu Ryu

Takayoshi Nagamine
9th Dan Shorin Ryu

Toshihiro Oshiro
7th Dan Shorin Ryu

Eihachi Ota
7th Dan Shorin Ryu

Zenpo Shimabukuro
9th Dan Hanshi
Shorin Ryu


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