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Kakemono Dojo Scrolls

Kakemono Dojo Scrolls
On these dojo scrolls are written maxims of special significance to all martial arts exponents. They are hung in the dojo or the home to remind us of the core principles that should govern how we train, and the manner in which we should live our lives.

Printed on high quality art paper in size 11" X 17" to easily fit a standard sized frame, they are printed in black with contrasting red seals (hanko) applied individually. These sayings come to us from antiquity. Some are the words of the founders of martial arts traditions; all are designed to inspire, to encourage and to enlighten. A perfect gift for a friend, instructor, or for oneself.

Each costs just $7.95 plus postage and each is shipped, packed flat, to reach you uncreased and ready for framing.


The Dojo Kun - Five Precepts
Calligraphy by Masatoshi Nakayama

(KA 6) Price $7.95



Hatsuun Jindo- "Parting the Clouds"
by Master Funakoshi

(KA 8) Price $7.95



Master Funakoshi's Twenty Precepts
Calligraphy by Shinkin Gima

(KA 7) Price $7.95



The Ultimate Aim of Karate
by Master Funakoshi

(KA 5) Price $7.95



Ho Goju Donto
The Essence of Goju Ryu

"The way of inhaling and exhaling is hardness and softness."

The passage from the Bubishi that inspired Chojun Miyagi to name his style of karate Goju Ryu.

(KA 1) Price $7.95



Nana Korobi, Ya Oki-Indomitable Spirit

"Seven times down, eight times up."

(KA 2) Price $7.95



Ken Zen Ichi Nyo-The Fist and Zen are One

Old Japanese saying suitable for all styles of karate.

(KA 3) Price $7.95



Karate Ni Sente Nashi

"There is no first attack in karate"

Probably the most famous saying of Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan karate, suggesting that karate is the defensive art of the cultured, intelligent man.

(KA 4) Price $7.95



Iki Sho Ten

Will and Energy Will Lift You Up.

(KA 10) Price $7.95



Ichi I Senshin

Focus Everything on a Single Goal.

(KA 12) Price $7.95



Shin Gi Tai

Harmonize Mind, Body, and Technique.

(KA 9) Price $7.95



Ko Un Ryu Sui

Float with clouds, flow with water, blend with nature.

(KA 11) Price $7.95



Kennin Fubatsu

Strong, Patient, Immovable.

(KA 13) Price $7.95



Yu Myu Sho Jin

Go forward with the courage of a tiger.

(KA 14) Price $7.95



These two new kakemono wall scrolls above were inspired by the training precepts of Jigoro Kano, (1860-1938) a student in his early years of Tenjin Shinyo Ryu and Kito Ryu jujutsu, and in later life, the Founder of modern judo. When Kano began his study of jujutsu, the training was brutal, the techniques lethal, and rivalry between schools so great it often led to fatal encounters between masters. The film Sugata Sanshiro written and directed by cinema virtuoso, Akira Kurosawa, gives a wonderfully accurate view of jujutsu during the Meiji era, and is strongly recommended for anyone interested in the subject.

Kano, a renowned educator, wanted to preserve the martial efficiency of jujutsu ( the best use of energy) while transforming it into a modern art for the benefit of society as a whole, (mutual prosperity) free of the brutality that typified the violent feudal era that had given it birth. These precepts became the foundation of the Kodokan the school that would become the world headquarters of the Judo movement.

Seiryoku Zenyo

Use Your Energy Wisely.

In a martial sense, where it means maximum effect for minimum effort, and is an every day sense where it means to build steadily for the future.

(KA 15) Price $7.95




Jita Kyoei

Mutual Benefit & Prosperity

(KA 16) Price $7.95




Chototsu Moshin

Grasp Opportunity Fiercely.

(KA 17) Price $7.95



Hyaku Ren Ji Toku

Severe Training Brings Self Attainment.

(KA 18) Price $7.95



On Ko Chi Shin

Modern Knowledge From Ancient Wisdom.

(KA 20) Price $7.95



Muga Mushin

The latest in our range of kakemono for the home or dojo. Muga - is a Buddhist concept that refers to a physical state of “no self” in which the body is freed of ego and awareness. Mushin is the the mental state, in which, according to Buddhists, the mind is devoid of obstructive thought. Therefore, Muga-Mushin is the state that the warrior seeks when the mind and body are free to work together intuitively, and that exists only when training is complete and one enters the void. In 1645 when Miyamoto Musashi wrote his Book of Five Rings he explained: “In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness.”.

(KA 21) Price $7.95





Images of Karate’s Founders

Suitable for framing and displaying in the dojo. 11” x 17” images on heavyweight cover stock, taken from originals made almost a century ago. $7.95 each.


Gichin Funakoshi

Founder of Shotokan.

(KA22) Price $7.95




Chojun Miyagi

Founder of Goju Ryu.

(KA 23) Price $7.95






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