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Museum quality, hard bound book printed on the finest coated paper by an English press founded in1756.

Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of rare karate photographs, many never previously published.

Includes complete sequences of kata photos of famous masters from as early as the 1950s.

Covers all major styles of karate and their most prominent exponents.

Features all the latest research results, including the Choki Motobu revelations.




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The Pictorial History of Karate
A Chronicle of the Art

We are pleased to announce that a work from CFA is in production with an expected release in 2016

The Pictorial History of Karate - A Chronicle of the Art
is a lavishly illustrated, painstakingly researched, historically accurate account of the development of karate from its birth in China to the present day.

The Pictorial History of Karate takes readers back through the years as it brings to life the long dead masters of karate. And what an interesting group they are:

Choki Motobu, the man who made the previously secret art of karate public by beating a professional boxer less than half his age in a prize fight;

Chojun Miyagi, who would tear raw meat into strips with his fingers as he cooked;

Chotoku Kyan, the tiny fighter who humiliated a young judo champion;

Go Ken Ki, the link between Okinawa and China in karate's golden age; Kenwa Mabuni, who combined two major styles to create Shito Ryu; Gichin Funakoshi, founder of the "modern" karate movement; Kanbun Uechi who, haunted by an accidental death, refused to teach karate for more than twenty years.

The Pictorial History of Karate - A Chronicle of the Art
covers all major styles and their most prominent exponents. Uniquely it includes a genealogy of each school of karate so the reader can trace his own style back to its formation through his or her own instructors, and by doing so, more fully understand its underlying concepts and philosophy.

This is a genuinely private, limited edition that will not be on sale in bookstores, through book dealers, or off the internet. Customers are urged to reserve their copy early.

The Pictorial History of Karate
A Chronicle of the Art
Hardback Collector's Edition............$100.

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Shotokan Vol 3
by Keinosuke Enoeda.

Everything that one would expect from this powerful performer nicknamed by his peers at Takushoku University the "Shotokan Tiger." Includes Tekki-Nidan, Tekki-Sandan, Nijushiho, Gojushiho-Dai, Gojushiho-Sho. The best designed and produced book on Shotokan kata and certainly the easiest to follow. 104pp 8" x 12"
Price $24.95



Dyamic Kicking
by Masafumi Shiomitsu

An uncompromising and dynamic presentation of the techniques that made the author a feared adversary on four continents. A superbly produced master text that stands alone in its field.

These are mint condition overstocks, returned in the original unopened cartons by the distributor. 

132 page 6” x 9”

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The Ninja Star
by Katsumi Toda

Katsumi Toda,  noted Japanese martial arts historian, and author of the best-selling book, “Shadow of the Ninja,” presents this in-depth work on the Shuriken throwing stars of ancient Japan for readers requiring a practical and historical knowledge of these fascinating weapons.

Covering nine centuries from the Nara era to the present day, the “Ninja Star” is an encyclopedia of techniques, schools, and styles up to and including the modern forms now being practiced.

From the pen of one of the few people qualified to write on the subject, this book merits inclusion in every martial arts library.

Previously $7.95

Special Price $1.00



Ninja Death Vow
by Katsumi Toda


Previously $7.95

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