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Yamanni Ryu - Okinawan Bo-Jutsu
by Toshihiro Oshiro

Yamanni Chinen Ryu has been described in the past as an "unknown" style, whereas it is in fact more correctly a hidden style. As it is technically very demanding, its membership has never numbered more than a handful of senior teachers. It is, however, much respected-even revered-in Okinawa, and considered the root from which much of modern bojutsu springs. For example, Chinen Sanda, the man responsible for systemizing the style, taught the bo to Yabiku Moden, who taught Taira Shinken who taught Motokatsu Inoue, Fumio Demura, etc., etc. Although its teachings were thus widely disseminated, the essence of Yamanni Ryu still resides exclusively with the current senior instructors of the style, Chogi Kishaba and his premier student, the author of this video. We can speculate that they held back much of the style, and this is why it does not manifest itself in other schools that have a technical obligation to Yamanni Chinen Ryu. Or, perhaps, practitioners of those schools did not spend sufficient time training to reach a point where the inner techniques of the style where made known to them.

What is sure is that Yamanni Chinen Ryu is completely unique, stunning in its performance, and, as demonstrated by T. Oshiro, an unrivalled visual experience. From the interview that appears in this edition of Dragon Times, you will gather that T. Oshiro teaches both karate and kobudo with an unusual amount of talent. He is a student of the much respected Okinawan karate teacher Shoshin Nagamine, and a former instructor at the latter's dojo. He is also the student of Chogi Kishaba, himself a student of Chojun Miyagi the founder of Goju Ryu karate. It is safe to say that no one could hope for a better martial arts pedigree.

This is the first public appearance of Yamanni Ryu, nothing has been published in any language in the past, and nothing formally recorded on film. This is, therefore, a completely unique product and as such has had a great deal of time and care lavished upon it from the design of the graphics, to the choice of music. Even the most ardent fans of the Tsunami range of videos might be a little surprised, but also delighted at the way in which the subject is introduced. The images are wonderful, the music exquisite, and the performance of traditional Okinawan dance by Tomoku Oshiro, wife of the author and herself a much sought after and highly respected teacher, enchanting!

Yamanni Ryu -- Okinawan Bo-Jutsuby Toshihiro Oshiro. Running time: 55 minutes. Includes: Basic techniques-grips, handling, exercises, static and moving techniques, striking & blocking techniques, combination techniques, footwork, wachi sugui, kata Suuji no Kun, Choun no Kun Sho & Dai, Ryubi no Kun, kumi bo combat techniques, genealogy of Yamanni Ryu Bojutsu.

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