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Goju Ryu Technical Series - Part II
by Morio Higaonna

As the titles suggest these are programs of a highly technical nature, but that still sport all the trappings of the Tsunami video studio; a first class author, high quality production, strong content, and no nonsense. This review was based on a screening of the shows in the final stages of editing, but I am sure that more of the Tsunami magic will be added to what I saw.

 Morio Higaonna is widely regarded by karate instructors of all styles as the ultimate Goju Ryu practitioner. In addition to being incredibly strong and a superb karate technician, he is a scholar of his art as we have seen from the publication of his book recently. I don't think that there was another choice for the author of this particular video, nor would I have wanted to review it if their had been. This should not be taken as anything other than an indication of how much I enjoy watching Morio Higaonna "at work," as it were.

This new series of programs is a combination of the JKF Technical and Bunkai series. In its new guise as the Goju Ryu Technical Series, of which these two shows are Parts 1 & 2 it will when finished show all the kata of Goju Ryu with their bunkai.

Volume 1 includes the mandatory Goju Ryu Kata Seipai and Saifa. Nobody can perform them better and clearly Higaonna Sensei had trained very hard in preparation for filming these programs. However, what sets these videos apart from all others are the lectures by the author in which he goes into incredible detail about every part of the kata and applications. Given in Japanese with a first class English translation as a voice over, you will learn more from these in an hour about technical aspects of kata then you will in a year in the dojo.

Sanchin, as we all know, is a difficult kata that must be learned thoroughly and practised regularly. It is the key to the Goju Ryu system in that it provides the energy that powers the fearsome short range techniques, and develops the shield of muscle that makes the Goju Ryu fighter such a difficult opponent.

Because of its depth and complexity, a demonstration of Sanchin is just that, a demonstration that conveys all of the external physical power but none of the internal workings. What the author adds to this presentation, and he told me very over lunch that this is the first time he has ever done it, is a complete and detailed explanation of what Sanchin does, and how it does it. He was emphatic about this; he had never given a full explanation before about the spiralling of the muscles around the abdomen, the meaning of the breathing, in facts all the things that we had all wondered about for so long.

The material is all first class, and cannot be faulted. As with all Tsunami programs there are, if not surprises, then things that one would not have thought of oneself. In the case of this video it is sound recordings of some of the most famous Goju practitioners ever, several of them long since passed on, discussing Goju Ryu karate, its founder Chojun Miyagi, and their thoughts on both.

Regardless of your style you should buy this video to see the level of technique that constant and correct training can develop. It is awesome, and will inspire anyone who sees it to train harder. Higaonna is perfection, the video is produced with the style and the quality only Tsunami can achieve, and it is as educational as it is satisfying.

Goju Ryu - Technical Series Part 1 & Part 2 - Sanchin by Morio Higaonna.

Part 1: Kata Seipai and Saifai, demonstrations, bunkai and lectures
by Morio Higaonna, 9th Dan, Hanshi. 70 minutes.

Part 2: Sanchin, sanshin testing (shime), lecture. Approx. 60 minu

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