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Winning - Competition Karate
by Yukiyoshi Marutani & Hideharu Igaki

The authors of this production, Yukiyoshi Marutani and Hideharu Igaki, are two of the best kept secrets of the American karate scene. Marutani is a former Japanese team member and a U.S. national coach; Igaki is also a national coach and trainer of the most successful young American competitors in a generation. While the less able instructors spend a fairly large portion of their time in self-promotion, the most dedicated and talented people tend to spend theirs training. This is certainly the case with Messieurs Marutani and Igaki, who will nightly be found in their dojos coaching this and the next generation of championship fighters. They both firmly believe, and teach, that there is only one karate and that kata, training and kumite are all elements of it. Both are intimidating competitors; both study kata assiduously, and both belong to the "hard training makes good karate men" school of traditional karate.

Their program, appropriately entitled "Winning," is a unique product that approaches the subject from two directions which converge at a single point with the message--train to win! There are combinations, evasions, kicking and punching techniques--a combat tool kit, if you like. The training regime shown is that used by the majority of the successful U.S. teams, and it's both impressive and practical. But underlying the visual excitement on the screen is a philosophical approach to competition that usually becomes apparent to the viewer after the video has been seen a number of times.

Both instructors are complete professionals; this is what they do all day, every day, and it shows. What they are teaching is how to fight and win, not just a few tricks to increase your odds of winning. This is a sort of immersion course in competition karate at the highest level that will not only have you winning championships but also, through skill and knowledge, keep you out of harm's way. The content is powerful, practical and useful, and the production quality is first class. The program is an excellent value, being crammed with techniques, training tips and demonstrations. I understand from the production house that many copies have been bought by well-known instructors other than the authors, which is probably the best recommendation that any production like this could have.

Winning -- Competition Karateby Yukiyoshi Marutani and Hideharu Igaki. Assisted by Steve Robinson, Alex Ringler, Doug Selchen, etc. Running time: 55 minutes. Includes warming up and stretching for competition karate; stances; footwork; timing; pressuring the opponent; unbalancing the opponent; simple and combination techniques for competition, and much more.

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