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Japanese Karate - vol. II
Shotokan & Ryobukai
by Takehiro Konishi & Kiyoshi Yamazaki

These two new videos from Tsunami Productions have already made a strong reputation for themselves, and rightly so. There has been a desperate need for material like this for years to dispel the myths, straighten out the distortions, and expose the propaganda that in the past has been promoted as history.

What prompted the production of these two videos was the discovery by Tsunami of a treasure trove of previously unpublished karate photos covering the period 1920-1955 when modern karate was being developed in Japan. These photos of the karate pioneers and their students allow us to see the training of the period and understand therefrom, how it has changed over the years.

And what photos they are. Not the fuzzy images that we have become accustomed to but sharp, clear, originals, and in some cases, even original negatives from which have been produced the very best karate images of the period.

The two part series traces the life and career of Yasuhiro Konishi, a dedicated martial artist and one of the most important influences on karate in Japan. As an instructor and promoter Konishi influential friend movement.

In both videos technical demonstrations are woven into the history, skillfully and in a most appropriate fashion. One can enjoy the experience, learn a great deal about karate history, and study the techniques that Yasuhiro Konishi learned from karate giants like Choki Motobu, Kenwa Mabuni, Chojun Miyagi and many others.

Beautifully produced, visually stunning, and of extreme historical importance, the first two orders received from Japan made this two part set an immediate best-sellers in Japan before it was even released here at home in the U.S. Running time of each part: around 55 minutes. $39.95 per volume.

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